Dive Modes

The Descent™ Mk2i device supports six dive modes. Each dive mode has four phases: dive pre-check, surface display, in-dive, and post-dive.


This mode allows you to dive with a single gas blend. You can set up to 11 additional gases as backup gases.


This mode allows you to configure multiple gas blends and switch gases during your dive. You can set the oxygen content from 5–100%. This mode supports one bottom gas, and up to 11 additional gases as decompression or backup gases.

NOTE: Backup gases are not used in no-decompression limit (NDL) and time to surface (TTS) decompression calculations until you activate them during a dive.

This mode for closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) diving allows you to configure two partial pressure of oxygen (PO2) setpoints, closed-circuit (CC) diluent gases, and open-circuit (OC) decompression and backup gases.


This mode allows you to dive with basic bottom timer features.

NOTE: After diving in gauge mode, the device can only be used in gauge or apnea mode for 24 hours.

This mode allows you to free dive with apnea-specific dive data. This mode has a higher data refresh rate.

Apnea Hunt

This mode is similar to the Apnea dive mode, but tuned specifically for spearfishers. This mode displays simplified in-dive data, and disables start and stop tones.

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