Viewing the Dive Log Widget

The widget displays summaries of your recently recorded dives.

  1. From the watch face, press UP or DOWN to view the dive log widget.
  2. Press START to view your most recent dive.
  3. Press DOWN > START to view a different dive (optional).
  4. Press START, and select an option:
    • To view additional information about the activity, select All Stats.

    • To view additional information about one of multiple apnea dives in the activity, select Dives, and select a dive.

    • To view the activity on a map, select Map.

      NOTE: The device shows your entry and exit locations if you waited for GPS signals before and after the dive.
    • To save a dive entry or exit location, select Save Location.

    • To view the depth profile of the activity, select Depth Profile.

    • To view the temperature profile of the activity, select Temperature Plot.

    • To view the gases you used, select Gas Switches.

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