Dive Setup

You can customize the dive settings based on your needs. Not all settings are applicable for all dive modes. You can also edit the settings before you start a dive.

Hold MENU, and select Dive Setup.


Sets the gas blends used in the gas dive modes (Setting Up Your Breathing Gases). You can have up to twelve gases for each gas dive mode.


Sets the level of conservatism for decompression calculations. Higher conservatism provides a shorter bottom time and a longer ascent time. The Custom option allows you to set a custom gradient factor.

NOTE: Make sure you understand gradient factors before entering a custom level of conservatism.
Air Integration

Allows you to pair Descent™ T1 devices and configure the data screens (Air Integration).

Water Type

Allows you to select the water type.


Sets the partial pressure of oxygen (PO2) thresholds, in bar, for decompression, warnings, and critical alerts (Setting PO2 Thresholds).


Allows you to set tone, vibration, or silent alerts for depth and time. You can enable different alerts for different dive modes.

Apnea Surf. Alert

Allows you to set alerts for apnea surface intervals.

Safety Stop

Allows you to change the safety stop duration.

End Dive Delay

Allows you to set the length of time before the device ends and saves a dive after surfacing.

CCR Setpoints

Allows you to set high and low PO2 setpoints for closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) dives (Setting CCR Setpoints).


Allows you to adjust the backlight settings for dive activities. You can enable the backlight throughout the dive or only when you are at depth.

Heart Rate

Allows you to enable or disable a heart rate monitor for dives. The Stored Strap Data option allows you to enable a chest heart rate monitor, such as the HRM-Swim™ or HRM‍-‍Tri™ device, that stores heart rate data with the dive. You can view chest heart rate monitor data in the Garmin Dive™ app after you complete the dive.

Double Tap to Scroll

Allows you to double tap the device to scroll through the dive data screens. If you notice accidental scrolling, you can use the Sensitivity option to adjust the responsiveness.

UP Key

Allows you to enable or disable the UP button during dive activities to prevent inadvertent button presses.

Silent Diving

Allows you to disable all tones and vibrations for alerts during dive activities.

Deco Lockout

Allows you to disable the decompression lockout feature. This feature prevents single-gas and multi-gas dives for 24 hours if you violate a decompression ceiling for more than three minutes.

NOTE: You can still disable the decompression lockout feature after violating a decompression ceiling.
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