Pairing the Transmitter with a Compatible Descent Dive Computer

To pair the transmitter, you must have a pressurized tank and regulator.

The Descent™ T1 can transmit air pressure data to a compatible Descent dive computer. For more information about compatible dive computer models, go to the Descent T1 product page on

Before you use the transmitter for the first time, you must pair it with the dive computer. Out of the box, the transmitter is in low power mode. You must wake the device from low power mode to complete the pairing process.

NOTE: If a transmitter was packaged with your dive computer, they are already paired.
  1. Install the transmitter on the first-stage regulator (Installing the Transmitter on Your Tank Regulator).
  2. Gradually open the tank valve to pressurize the first-stage regulator.

    When the transmitter detects pressure, it wakes from low power mode. The transmitter plays a tone when it wakes from low power mode and is ready to pair.

  3. On the compatible Descent dive computer, hold MENU, and select Dive Setup > Air Integration > Transmitters > Add New.

    The dive computer starts searching and displays a list of nearby transmitters.

  4. From the list of transmitters, select the transmitter ID you want to pair.

    The transmitter ID is printed on the housing.

When the pairing process is complete, Connected appears on the dive computer screen. The transmitter begins sending tank pressure data, and it is ready to use on a dive. The next time the transmitter and dive computer are turned on and within wireless range, they connect automatically when you start a dive.

If you are diving with a group, you can pair up to 5 Descent T1 transmitters with the dive computer.

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