Transmitter Settings

You can customize the settings for paired transmitters prior to a dive.

On the paired Descent™ dive computer, hold MENU, select Dive Setup > Air Integration > Transmitters, and select a transmitter.


Enables a connection to the transmitter, and shows current connection status.


Plays a tone on the selected paired transmitter. This helps you to identify the transmitter without needing to look at the transmitter ID printed on the transmitter housing.


Sets the pressure units for your tank. The device defaults to psi if your depth setting is in feet, and bar if your depth setting is in meters.

Working Pressure

Sets how much pressure the tank has when full. This value is used to determine the upper end of the pressure gauge, and to calculate respiratory minute volume (RMV) for tanks using psi units.

Reserve Pressure

Sets the threshold values for reserve pressure and critical pressure alerts to appear on the dive computer.


Allows you to enter the air volume of the tank. You can use the Reset Volume option if you move the transmitter to a different size tank.

NOTE: This value is required to calculate volumetric surface air consumption (SAC) and respiratory minute volume (RMV) (Selecting the Gas Consumption Rate Metric).

Enables the transmitter to be included in volumetric surface air consumption (SAC), respiratory minute volume (RMV), and air time remaining (ATR) estimates (Including Transmitters in Gas Consumption Calculations).

Set Transmit Power

Allows you to adjust the power setting if your transmitter is losing connection with the paired dive computer underwater.


Displays the transmitter ID, software version, and battery status.


Allows you to enter an easily identifiable name for the transmitter.


Allows you to remove a paired transmitter.

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