Installing the Transmitter on Your Tank Regulator


Always use the pre-installed flow restrictor when using the transmitter directly attached to your regulator. Always use the included air spool when connecting the transmitter to a high pressure hose extension (Installing the Transmitter on a High Pressure Hose Extension). Using the transmitter without either the flow restrictor or air spool could result in serious injury or death from an air pressurization failure.

Before you install the transmitter on your tank regulator, you should read the transmitter position tips and choose the port position that provides the best line of sight to the dive computer.

To install the transmitter, you need a 5/8 in. (16 mm) open-ended wrench.

The transmitter connects to a high pressure output port of the first-stage regulator.

  1. Confirm the regulator is depressurized and detached from a scuba cylinder.
  2. Remove the port plug from the high pressure output port of the first-stage regulator.
  3. Confirm the flow restrictor is installed in the transmitter.
  4. Screw the transmitter onto the high pressure output port until you feel resistance.

    Close-up view of the tank installation

    Verify the installed transmitter does not physically interfere with any hoses or other tank assemblies.

  5. Use a 5/8 in. (16 mm) wrench to tighten the transmitter.

    Close-up view of the tank installation

    To prevent damage to the transmitter and possible loss of function, do not overtighten. Do not use the transmitter housing to tighten or loosen the transmitter.

    Do not grip the regulator or the transmitter to move, carry, or adjust the tank.

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