The Most Current Charts — Guaranteed

When you buy a new preloaded chartplotter, preprogrammed BlueChart® or LakeVü™ microSD™/SD™ card, you expect it to contain the most up-to-date charts. That’s why we have the New Chart Guarantee.

Get a free update¹ to the newest version of charts when you purchase a new preloaded fixed-mount chartplotter, new preprogrammed BlueChart or preprogrammed LakeVü microSD/SD card. Updated charts will be for the same (or equivalent²) region as the original purchase.

The New Chart Guarantee is your assurance that you will be heading out on the water with the most current charts available.

¹Limit 1 free update per device or card. New Chart Guarantee valid within 12 months of purchase.

²Equivalent region to be determined at sole discretion of Garmin. You will have the opportunity to view available coverage before making a decision to purchase and/or update.