Map Tools

Map tools provide quick access to information and device functions while you view the map. When you activate a map tool, it appears in a panel at the edge of the map.


Stops navigation of the active route.

Change Route

Allows you to take a detour or skip locations in your route.

Up Ahead

Displays upcoming locations along the route or the road on which you are traveling (Up Ahead).


Displays a list of upcoming turns in your route (Viewing Turns and Directions).

Trip Data

Displays customizable trip data, such as speed or mileage (Viewing Trip Data from the Map).


Adjusts the master audio volume.


Adjusts the screen brightness.


Displays a list of recent phone calls from your connected phone, and displays in-call options while a phone call is active (Using In-Call Options).


Allows you to start and stop LiveTrack sharing (LiveTrack).


Displays traffic conditions along your route or in your area (Viewing Upcoming Traffic).


Displays weather conditions for your area.


Displays live traffic cameras from your photoLive subscription (photoLive Traffic Cameras).

Report Camera

Allows you to report a speed or red light camera. This tool is available only when you have speed or red light camera data on your device and you have an active connection to the Smartphone Link app (Pairing with Your Phone and Connecting to Smartphone Link).

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