Pairing with Your Phone and Connecting to Smartphone Link

You must pair your zūmo® device with your phone and connect to Smartphone Link to use some features, such as live traffic and parking information, hands-free calling, and other connected features.

After the devices are paired, they connect automatically when they are turned on and within range.

  1. From the app store on your phone, install the Smartphone Link app.
  2. Place the zūmo device and your phone within 3 m (10 ft.) of each other.
  3. On the zūmo device, select Settings > Bluetooth, and select the Bluetooth check box.
  4. Select Search for Devices.
  5. On your phone, enable Bluetooth® wireless technology, and set the phone to be discoverable.

    See your phone owner's manual for more information.

  6. On the zūmo device, select OK.

    The zūmo device begins searching for nearby Bluetooth devices, and a list of Bluetooth devices appears. It may take up to a minute for your phone to appear in the list.

  7. Select your phone from the list, and select OK.
  8. On your phone, confirm the pairing request.
  9. On your phone, open the Smartphone Link app.

    If you are pairing with an Apple® device, a security code appears on the zūmo screen.

  10. If necessary, enter the security code on your phone within 30 seconds.
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