Controlling a VIRB Action Camera

Before you can use the VIRB® remote function, you must enable the remote setting on your VIRB camera. See the VIRB Series Owner's Manual for more information. You must also enable the VIRB screen on your vívosmart® 3 device (Device Settings on Your Garmin Connect Account).

  1. Turn on your VIRB camera.
  2. On your vívosmart 3 device, swipe to view the VIRB screen.
  3. Wait while the device connects to your VIRB camera.
  4. Select an option:
    • To record video, select VIRB video symbol.

      The video counter appears on the vívosmart 3 device.

    • To stop recording video, select VIRB video symbol.

    • To take a photo, select VIRB camera symbol.

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