Device Settings on Your Garmin Connect Account

From your Garmin Connect™ account, select Device Settings.

Activity Tracking

Turns activity tracking features on and off, such as the move alert.


Sets alarm clock times and frequencies for your device. You can set up to eight separate alarms.

Auto Activity Detection

Turns on and off Move IQ events. You can specify how long to wait before the device automatically starts the timer for specific activities.

NOTE: This setting decreases battery life.

Sets the backlight to turn on for wrist gestures. Gestures include rotating your wrist toward your body to view the device.

Watch Face

Allows you to select the watch face.

Home Widget

Sets the widget that appears after a period of inactivity.


Sets the device language.

Screen Orientation

Sets the device to display data in landscape or portrait format.

Time Format

Sets the device to display time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format.


Sets the length of time before the backlight turns off.

NOTE: A longer timeout decreases battery life.

Sets the device to display the distance traveled in kilometers or miles.

Visible Widgets

Allows you to customize the widgets that appear on your device.

Wrist Worn On

Allows you to customize which wrist the device is worn on.

NOTE: This setting is used for strength training and gestures.
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