Varia RDU Device Overview

Device with callouts

Callout number one

Device key

Turns the device on and off.

Callout number two

Ambient light sensor

Detects available light and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display.

Callout number three

Connection status LED

Appears solid blue when the device is paired with the radar device. Flashes blue when the device is searching for the radar device.

Callout number four

FRONT and REAR device status LEDs

Flashes red when the battery is low. Appears solid red when there is a device error.

Callout number five

Threat level LED

Charging status LED (Charging the Device)

Changes color based on the potential level of threat. Green indicates no vehicle is detected. Amber indicates a vehicle is approaching. Red indicates a vehicle is advancing at a high rate of speed.

Callout number six

Vehicle position LEDs

Moves up the column as the vehicle gets closer to your bike.

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