Customizing Your Track Log

You can customize how your device displays and records your current track and track logs for activities.

  1. From the app drawer, select Track Manager > Current Track > Information.
  2. Select an option:
    • To change the color of your current track on the map, select Color.

    • To display a line on the map indicating your current track, select Show On Map.

  3. Select Menu > Setup Activities > Record Method.
  4. Select an option:
    • To record activities at a variable rate that creates an optimum representation of your activities, select Auto.

    • To record activities at a specified distance, select Distance.

    • To record activities at a specified time, select Time.

  5. Select Interval.
  6. Complete an action:
    • If you selected Auto for the Record Method, select an option to record activities more or less often.

      NOTE: Using the Most Often interval provides the most activity detail, but fills up the device memory quicker.
    • If you selected Distance or Time for the Record Method, enter a value, and select Checkmark.

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