Adding a Button to a Custom Layout

  1. From the Garmin PowerSwitch™ app, select a custom layout tab.
  2. Select Edit field.

    The app enters editing mode.

  3. Select Add Button.
  4. On the new button, select Edit field.
  5. Select an option:
    • To change the name of the button, select the Button Label field, and enter a name.

    • To add an icon to the button, select the Icon field, and select an icon.

    • To change the button color, select a color.

  6. Select Add Action.
  7. If necessary, select a Garmin PowerSwitch device and a switch.
  8. Select an action:
    • To set the button to turn the switch on or off with each press, select Toggle.

    • To set the button to turn on the switch, select Turn On.

    • To set the button to turn off the switch, select Turn Off.

  9. Select a button mode:
    • To set the button to activate with one touch, select Normal.

    • To set the button to activate only while touching the button, select Momentary.

    • To set the button to turn on and off repeatedly, select Strobe, and select time intervals.

  10. If applicable, use the slider to set the brightness of lights.
  11. Select Back.
  12. If necessary, select Add Action to add additional actions for the button.

    You can add one action for every switch on the Garmin PowerSwitch device.

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October 2023