Garmin PowerSwitch App

Garmin Power Switch app overview with callouts

Callout number 1 Settings

Opens the app settings menu

Callout number 2 Edit field

Enters editing mode to customize the app layout and functions

Callout number 3 Turn off

Turns off all outputs

Callout number 4 Power buttons

Activates each connected output

Callout number 5

Displays input voltage

Callout number 6

Displays the total amperage of the selected Garmin PowerSwitchâ„¢ device

Callout number 7

Displays the device name

Callout number 8

Displays Garmin PowerSwitch device tabs and custom layout tabs

GUID-9FC76615-A91B-4AAA-A205-B2EAA899321A v7
October 2023