Receiving Traffic Data Using a Traffic Receiver


Heated (metallized) windshields could degrade the performance of the traffic receiver.

A traffic receiver receives traffic data from an over-the-air broadcast signal, where available. To receive over-the-air traffic data, the device must be connected to vehicle power using a traffic-compatible powered mount. A traffic receiver is included with some product models (Traffic). If your product model does not include a traffic receiver, you can go to your product page at to find and purchase a compatible traffic receiver accessory.

Traffic data is not available in all areas. For information about traffic coverage areas, go to

  1. Connect the device to vehicle power using the traffic-compatible powered mount (Mounting and Powering the Device in Your Vehicle).

    If your product model includes traffic data, the powered mount included with your device is traffic compatible. If you purchased a traffic receiver as an accessory, you should use the accessory to connect the device to vehicle power.

  2. Select Settings > Traffic > Traffic, and verify the Traffic Accessory option is selected.
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October 2023