Mounting and Powering the Device in Your Vehicle


This product contains a lithium-ion battery. To prevent the possibility of personal injury or product damage caused by battery exposure to extreme heat, store the device out of direct sunlight.


Both the device and its mount contain magnets. Under certain circumstances, magnets may cause interference with some internal medical devices and electronic devices, including pacemakers, insulin pumps, or hard drives in laptop computers. Keep the device away from medical devices and electronic devices.

Before you use your device on battery power, you should charge it.

  1. Open the lever Callout number 1, press the suction cup to the windshield, and flip the lever back toward the windshield.

    The lever must be oriented toward the top of the windshield.

    Device mounting to the windshield with callouts
  2. Plug the vehicle power cable into the port Callout number 2 on the mount.
  3. If necessary, loosen the thumbscrew on the suction cup arm Callout number 3 and the nut on the ball mount Callout number 4, and adjust the mount for better viewing and operation.

    Mount adjustment points with callouts
  4. Tighten the thumbscrew on the suction cup arm and the nut on the ball mount.
  5. Place the device onto the magnetic mount.

    Device connecting to the mount
  6. Plug the other end of the vehicle power cable into a power outlet in your vehicle.
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October 2023