Installing the Screw-Down Mount on the Dashboard

Before you can attach the screw-down ball mount to your dashboard, you must select a suitable location on the dashboard.


It is your responsibility to ensure the mounting location complies with all applicable laws and ordinances, and does not block your view of the road during the safe operation of your vehicle.


Avoid wires, gauges, air bags, air bag covers, HVAC, and other items when drilling pilot holes and attaching the mount to the vehicle. Garmin® is not responsible for any damages or consequences arising from the installation.


Garmin recommends professional installation of the screw-down ball mount.

  1. Place the mount Callout number 1 on the selected location.

    Screw-down mount installation diagram with callouts
  2. Using the mount as a template, mark the three screw locations.
  3. Drill pilot holes (optional).

    For some types of mounting material, drilling pilot holes is necessary.

  4. Securely fasten the mount to the surface using the supplied screws Callout number 2.
  5. Insert the ball mount arm Callout number 3 into the mount.

    Ball mount arm and thumb screw installed in the screw-down mount with callouts
  6. Insert the thumbscrew Callout number 4 into the mount, and tighten it to secure the ball mount arm.
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October 2023