Pairing a BC 35 Backup Camera with a Garmin Navigation Device

You must enable the Wi‑Fi® setting on your Garmin® navigation device before you can connect to a camera.

The BC™ 35 wireless backup camera is compatible with some Garmin navigation devices with Android™. Go to for more information about device compatibility.

You can pair up to four BC 35 wireless backup cameras with your compatible Garmin navigation device.

  1. Update your navigation device to the latest software.

    Your device may not support the BC 35 camera without the latest software. For more information about updating, see the owner's manual for your navigation device.

  2. Turn on the Garmin navigation device, and bring it within 3 m (10 ft.) of the camera.
  3. Select Apps icon > Tools > Rear View > Add > Garmin BC35.
  4. Select your BC 35 camera from the list of available cameras.
    NOTE: The pairing code or password is located on the transmitter of the camera.
  5. Select Setup, and position the guidance lines using the on-screen arrows.

    If the camera or vehicle is not ideally positioned to complete the guidance line alignment, you can complete the alignment later.

  6. Select Save.

After you complete the pairing process with a camera for the first time, it connects automatically to the Garmin navigation device.

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October 2023