Installing the Device on Your Windshield


The adhesive mount is intended for a long-term installation and can be difficult to remove. You should carefully consider the mounting location before you install the mount.

Before you can install the adhesive mount onto your windshield, the ambient temperature must be from 21° to 38°C (from 70° to 100°F).

  1. Clean the windshield using water or alcohol, and a lint-free cloth.

    The windshield must be free of dust, wax, oils, or coatings.

  2. Remove the protective film from the mount adhesive.

    Protective film peeled away from the mount adhesive
  3. Position the mount over the mounting location.
    TIP: The adhesive is extremely sticky. Avoid touching the adhesive to the windshield until the mount is properly positioned and aligned.
  4. Press the mount firmly onto the windshield, and maintain pressure for 30 seconds.

    This helps to ensure the mount adhesive has proper contact with the windshield.

    Camera and mount pressed onto a windshield
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