Applied Ballistics


The Applied Ballistics feature is intended to provide accurate elevation and windage solutions based on gun and bullet profiles and measurements of current conditions only. Depending on your environment, conditions may change rapidly. Changes in environmental conditions, like wind gusts or downrange winds, may have an effect on the accuracy of your shot. Elevation and windage solutions are suggestions only based upon your input into the feature. Take readings often and carefully, and allow the readings to stabilize after significant changes in environmental conditions. Always allow a margin of safety for changing conditions and reading errors.


Always understand your target and what lies beyond your target before taking a shot. Failure to account for your shooting environment could cause property damage, injury, or death.

NOTE: This feature is available only on D2™ Mach 1 Pro models.

The Applied Ballistics® feature offers customized aiming solutions for long-range shooting based on your rifle characteristics, bullet characteristics, and various environmental conditions. You can enter parameters including wind, temperature, humidity, range, and firing direction.

This feature provides the information you need to fire long-range projectiles, including elevation holdover, windage, and time of flight. It also includes custom drag models for your bullet type. Go to for more details about this feature. See the Applied Ballistics Glossary of Terms for descriptions of the terms and data fields.

NOTE: You may need to upgrade the ballistic solver in the AB Synapse - Garmin app to unlock all Applied Ballistics features (AB Synapse - Garmin App).
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June 2024