Voice-Activated Features


When using this feature, you should focus on driving and only use this feature when it is safe to do so. The Garmin Drive™ app must be open and running on your compatible smartphone to use Alexa features and access live services.

To use Amazon Alexa features, you must sign into your Amazon account from the Garmin Drive app.

The Garmin DriveSmart™ device uses natural language processing to understand the intent of your spoken requests. You can ask questions or speak commands in natural language, using complete sentences. Many example phrases are provided in the manual, but you can experiment with speaking to the device using the language most comfortable to you.

The device includes Garmin® voice-activated navigation and Amazon Alexa skills and features.

Garmin voice-activated navigation allows you to search for locations and addresses, start routes with turn-by-turn directions, place hands-free phone calls, and more. You can launch Garmin voice-activated navigation by saying OK, Garmin followed by a request.

With Alexa Built-in, you can ask to play music, listen to audiobooks, hear the news, and more—all while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

NOTE: This feature is not available for all product models or languages.
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