Golf Menu

During a round, you can press START to access additional features in the golf menu.

End Round

Ends the current round.

Change Hole

Allows you to manually change the hole.

Change Green

Allows you to change the green when more than one green is available for a hole.

View Green

Allows you to move the pin location to get a more precise distance measurement (Moving the Flag).

Virtual Caddie

Requests a club recommendation from the virtual caddie (Virtual Caddie).


Shows the PlaysLike factors for the hole ( PlaysLike Distance Icons).

Measure Shot

Shows the distance of your previous shot recorded with the Garmin AutoShot™ feature (Viewing Measured Shots). You can also manually record a shot (Manually Measuring a Shot).


Opens the scorecard for the round (Keeping Score).


Shows the recorded time, distance, and steps traveled. The odometer automatically starts and stops when you start or end a round. You can reset the odometer during a round.


Opens a pointer that shows the wind direction and speed relative to the pin (Viewing the Wind Speed and Direction).


The PinPointer feature is a compass that points to the pin location when you are unable to see the green. This feature can help you line up a shot even if you are in the woods or in a deep sand trap.

NOTE: Do not use the PinPointer feature while in a golf cart. Interference from the golf cart can affect the accuracy of the compass.
Custom Targets

Allows you to save a location, such as an object or obstacle, for the current hole (Saving Custom Targets).

Club Stats

Shows your statistics with each golf club, such as distance and accuracy information. Appears when you pair Approach® CT10 sensors or enable the Club Prompt setting.

Sunrise & Sunset

Shows the sunrise, sunset, and twilight times for the current day.


Allows you to customize the golf activity settings (Activities and App Settings).

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