Virtual Caddie

Before you can use the virtual caddie, you must play five rounds with Approach® CT10 sensors or enable the Club Prompt setting (Activities and App Settings), and upload your scorecards. For each round, you must connect to a paired phone with the Garmin Golf™ app. The virtual caddie provides recommendations based on the hole, wind data, and your past performance with each club.

Virtual caddie data with callouts

Callout number 1

Displays the club or club combination recommendation for the hole. You can select Left arrow or Right arrow to view other club options.

Callout number 2

Displays the average number of strokes expected to score with the club recommendation.

Callout number 3

Displays the shot dispersion area for your next shot with the club recommendation, based on your shot history with the club.
NOTE: If the shot dispersion area overlaps with the green, the shot's chances of reaching the green will display as a percentage.
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March 2024