Viewing Your Heart Rate Variability and Stress Level

This feature requires a Garmin® chest heart rate monitor. Before you can view your heart rate variability (HRV) stress level, you must put on a heart rate monitor and pair it with your device (Pairing Your Wireless Sensors). If your MARQ® Athlete device was packaged with a heart rate monitor, the devices are already paired.

TIP: Garmin recommends that you measure your stress level at approximately the same time and under the same conditions every day.
  1. If necessary, press START, and select Add > HRV Stress to add the stress app to the apps list.
  2. Select Yes to add the app to your list of favorites.
  3. From the watch face, press START, select HRV Stress, and press START.
  4. Stand still, and rest for 3 minutes.
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November 2023