Heart Rate Variability Status

Your watch analyzes your wrist heart rate readings while you are sleeping to determine your heart rate variability (HRV). Training, physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and healthy habits all impact your heart rate variability. HRV values can vary widely based on gender, age, and fitness level. A balanced HRV status may indicate positive signs of health such as good training and recovery balance, greater cardiovascular fitness, and resilience to stress. An unbalanced or poor status may be a sign of fatigue, greater recovery needs, or increased stress. For best results, you should wear the watch while sleeping. The watch requires three weeks of consistent sleep data to display your heart rate variability status.
Heart rate variability data

Color Zone



Green Green


Your seven-day average HRV is within your baseline range.

Orange Orange


Your seven-day average HRV is above or below your baseline range.

Red Red


Your seven-day average HRV is well below your baseline range.

No color


No status

Your HRV values are averaging well below the normal range for your age.

No status means that there is insufficient data to generate a seven-day average.

You can sync your watch with your Garmin Connect™ account to view your current heart rate variability status, trends, and educational feedback.

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June 2024