Playing Golf

Before you play golf, you should charge the watch (Charging the Device).

  1. From the watch face, press START.
  2. Select Golf.

    The device locates satellites, calculates your location, and selects a course if there is only one course nearby.

  3. If the course list appears, select a course from the list.
  4. If necessary, set your driver distance.
  5. Select Check mark to keep score.
  6. Select a tee box.

    The hole information screen appears.

    Screenshot of the golf hole view with callouts

    Callout number 1

    Current hole number

    Callout number 2

    Distance to the back of the green

    Callout number 3

    Distance to the middle of the green

    Callout number 4

    Distance to the front of the green

    Callout number 5

    Par for the hole

    Callout number 6

    Map of the green

    Callout number 7

    Driver distance from the tee box

    NOTE: Because pin locations change, the watch calculates the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green, but not the actual pin location.
  7. Select an option:
    • Tap the front, middle, or back distances to the green to view the PlaysLike distance ( PlaysLike Distance Icons).

    • Tap the map to view more detail or measure distance with touch targeting (Measuring Distance with Touch Targeting).

    • Press UP or DOWN to view the location and distance to a layup or to the front and back of a hazard.

    • Press START to open the golf menu (Golf Menu).

When you move to the next hole, the watch automatically transitions to display the new hole information.

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March 2024