Updating the Transmitter Software Using Your Descent Dive Computer

Before you can update the software, you must pair your Descent™ T1 transmitter to a compatible Descent dive computer.

  1. Select an option to sync your dive computer:
    • Sync your dive computer with the Garmin Dive™ app.

    • Connect the dive computer to your computer using the USB cable, and sync with the Garmin Express™ application.

    Garmin Dive and Garmin Express automatically look for software updates. When you sync with Garmin Express, the update is applied immediately to your dive computer. When you sync with Garmin Dive, you will be prompted to apply the update at a later time.

  2. Install the transmitter on the first-stage regulator (Installing the Transmitter on Your Tank Regulator).
  3. Gradually open the tank valve to pressurize the first-stage regulator.

    When the transmitter detects pressure, it wakes from low power mode and plays a tone.

  4. On the paired Descent dive computer, hold MENU, select Dive Setup > Air Integration > Transmitters, and select your transmitter.
  5. Wait for the transmitter to connect to your dive computer.

    Connected appears on the dive computer screen.

  6. Select Software Update.
    NOTE: This option may take up to a minute to appear while the dive computer determines the transmitter's software version and battery status.
  7. Verify the transmitter ID when prompted.

    The transmitter ID is printed on the housing.

  8. Keep the dive computer near the transmitter until the software update is complete.
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