Battery type

Rechargeable, built-in lithium-ion battery

Water rating

10 ATM1

Dive (EN 13319)2

Decompression model

Bühlmann ZHL-16C

Depth sensor

Accurate from 0 m to 100 m (0 ft. to 328 ft.) complying with EN 13319

Resolution (m): 0.1 m until 99.9 m, 1 m at 100 m

Resolution (ft.): 1 ft.

Inspection interval

Inspect parts before each use for damage. Replace parts as needed.3

Operating and storage temperature range

From -20º to 60ºC (from -4º to 140ºF)

Underwater operating temperature range

From 0º to 40ºC (from 32º to 104ºF)

USB charging temperature range

From 0º to 45ºC (from 32º to 113ºF)

Solar charging temperature range

From 0º to 60ºC (from 32º to 140ºF)

Wireless frequencies

2.4 GHz @ 0 dBm maximum

13.56 MHz @ -30 dBm maximum

1 The device withstands pressure equivalent to a depth of 100 m. For more information, go to www.garmin.com/waterrating.
2 Designed to comply with CSN EN 13319.
3 Aside from normal wear and tear, performance is not affected by aging.
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November 2023