Using the Heat-Shrink Crimp Connectors

You should use the included heat-shrink crimp connectors to make a water-tight connection between the bare wires.


Only use the heat gun to apply heat to the heat-shrink crimp connectors in a well-ventilated area. Do not use the heat gun near clothing or bare skin. Doing so can result in property damage or serious injury.

  1. Using wire strippers, strip 6 mm (1/4 in.) off the end of each bare wire.
  2. If necessary, twist the strands of each wire Callout number one clockwise to bundle them together.

    Heat shrink crimp connector assembly with callouts
  3. Insert one bare wire into one end of the heat-shrink crimp connector Callout number two.

    The bare wires are not secure until they are crimped and sealed.

  4. Insert the corresponding bare wire into the other end of the heat-shrink crimp connector.
  5. Using pliers, crimp both sides of the center of the connector Callout number three to secure the connection.
  6. Using a heat gun, apply heat to the heat-shrink crimp connector until the connector is sealed to the wires.

    Do not apply heat to the wires directly.

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