Tread Audio Box Mounting Considerations


In high ambient temperatures and after extended use, the device enclosure may reach temperatures deemed dangerous to touch. Therefore, you must install the device in a location where it is not touched during operation.


The storage and operating temperature ranges for this device are listed in the product specifications. Extended exposure to temperatures exceeding the specified temperature range, in storage or operating conditions, may cause device failure. Device damage and related consequences caused by extended exposure to these conditions are not covered by the warranty.

  • You must mount the device in a location with adequate ventilation where it is not exposed to extreme temperatures.

  • You should mount the device so that the cables can be connected easily.

  • To achieve IP67 water ingress protection and optimal heat sink cooling, you must mount the device on a vertical surface with the connectors pointing downward.

  • You can mount the device on a horizontal surface, but such positioning might not achieve IPX67 water ingress protection.

  • To avoid interference with a magnetic compass, you should install the device at least 203 mm (8 in.) away from a compass.

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