Sample NMEA 2000 Network

NMEA 2000 network example with callouts
NOTE: This diagram illustrates only the NMEA 2000® data connections to each device or sensor on the network. Some devices or sensors can be powered by the NMEA 2000 network, and others may require a separate power connection. Consult the installation instructions for each device you connect to your NMEA 2000 network to make sure you supply power to the device appropriately.

Callout number one

Wind sensor

Callout number two

Chartplotter or multifunction device (MFD)

Callout number three

Antenna (GPS or satellite)

Callout number four

Marine instrument

Callout number five

Ignition or in-line switch and fuse

Callout number six

12 Vdc power source

Callout number seven

Drop cable

Callout number eight

Female terminator

Callout number nine

Backbone extension cable

Callout number ten


Callout number eleven

Male terminator

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