NMEA 2000 Network Planning and Construction

The backbone is the main communication channel of an NMEA 2000® network to which your NMEA 2000 devices connect. You must connect each NMEA 2000 device to the backbone using a T-connector. You must connect the NMEA 2000 backbone to a power source, and you must install terminators at both ends of the network for proper functionality.

When you design an NMEA 2000 network, you should start by creating a diagram of the network. When creating the diagram, be as detailed as possible, observing these considerations.
  • You should include all of the devices you intend to connect to the network.

  • You should note the approximate location on the boat for the backbone and each of the connected devices.

  • You should measure the distances between the location of each device and the backbone, and you should measure the overall length of the backbone.

  • You should note the power consumption (LEN) of each connected device.

After you create a diagram of your network, you should apply the principles of proper NMEA 2000 network construction and adjust your plan as needed. You must understand and apply these concepts.
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