Logging Your Menstrual Cycle Information

Before you can log your menstrual cycle information from your D2™ Air X10 watch, you must set up menstrual cycle tracking in the Garmin Connect™ app.

  1. Swipe to view the women's health tracking glance.
  2. Tap the touchscreen.
  3. Select Plus symbol.
  4. If today is a period day, select Period Day > Checkmark symbol.
  5. Select an option:
    • To rate your flow from light to heavy, select Flow.

    • To log your physical symptoms, such as acne, backache, and fatigue, select Symptoms.

    • To log your mood, select Mood.

    • To log your discharge, select Discharge.

    • To designate the current date as an ovulation day, select Ovulation Day.

    • To log your sexual activity, select Sexual Activity.

    • To rate your sex drive from low to high, select Sex Drive.

    • To designate the current date as a period day, select Period Day.

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