Your watch comes preloaded with glances that provide quick information (Viewing Glances). Some glances require a Bluetooth® connection to a compatible phone.

Some glances are not visible by default. You can add them to the glance loop manually (Customizing the Glances).



Airport information

Displays airport details, including radio frequencies and runway information.

Alternate time zones

Displays the current time of day in additional time zones (Adding Alternate Time Zones).


Displays the altitude alert threshold, pressure altitude, and barometric pressure correction.

Body Battery™

With all day wear, displays your current Body Battery level and a graph of your level for the last several hours (Body Battery).


Displays upcoming meetings from your phone calendar.


Displays your calorie information for the current day.


Displays your current leaderboard ranking if you participate in a Garmin Connect™ challenge.

Floors climbed

Tracks your floors climbed and progress toward your goal.

Garmin® coach

Displays scheduled workouts when you select a Garmin coach adaptive training plan in your Garmin Connect account. The plan adjusts to your current level of fitness, coaching and schedule preferences, and race date.

Health Snapshot™

Displays summaries of your saved Health Snapshot sessions (Health Snapshot).

Heart rate

Displays your current heart rate in beats per minute (bpm) and a graph of your average resting heart rate (RHR).


Displays your activity history and a graph of your recorded activities.


Allows you to track the amount of water you consume and the progress toward your daily goal.

Intensity minutes

Tracks your time spent participating in moderate to vigorous activities, your weekly intensity minutes goal, and progress toward your goal.

Last activity

Displays a brief summary of your last recorded activity.

Last sport

Displays a brief summary of your last recorded activity.

Last golf

Last ride

Last run

Last strength

Last swim

Displays a brief summary of your last recorded activity and history of the specified sport.


Provides bike light controls when you have a Varia™ light paired with your D2™ Air X10 watch.


Displays the current sky conditions, weather conditions, visibility distance, temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, wind information, and terminal aerodrome forecast (TAF).

Music controls

Provides music player controls for your phone or watch music.


Alerts you to incoming calls, texts, social network updates, and more, based on your phone notification settings (Enabling Bluetooth Notifications).

Pulse oximeter

Allows you to take a manual pulse oximeter reading (Getting Pulse Oximeter Readings). If you are too active for the watch to determine your pulse oximeter reading, the measurements are not recorded.

RCT camera controls

Allows you to manually take a photo and record a video clip (Using the Varia Camera Controls).


Your current respiration rate in breaths per minute and seven-day average. You can do a breathing activity to help you relax.


Displays total sleep time, a sleep score, and sleep stage information for the previous night.


Tracks your daily step count, step goal, and data for previous days.


Displays your current stress level and a graph of your stress level. You can do a breathing activity to help you relax. If you are too active for the watch to determine your stress level, stress measurements are not recorded.

Sunrise and sunset

Displays sunrise, sunset, and civil twilight times.

NOTE: This glance is called civil twilight on your D2 Air X10 watch.


Displays the current temperature and weather forecast.

Women's health

Displays your current cycle or pregnancy tracking status. You can view and log your daily symptoms.

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