The controls menu lets you quickly access watch features and options. You can add, reorder, and remove the options in the controls menu (Customizing the Controls Menu).

From any screen, hold Letter A symbol.

Controls menu data




Alarm clock


Select to add or edit an alarm (Setting an Alarm).

Alternate time zones symbol

Alt. Time Zones

Select to view the current time of day in additional time zones (Adding Alternate Time Zones).

Assistance symbol


Select to send an assistance request (Requesting Assistance).

Battery saver symbol

Battery Saver

Select to enable or disable the battery saver feature (Battery Manager).

Brightness symbol


Select to adjust the screen brightness (Customizing the Display Settings).

Heart rate broadcast symbol

Broadcast Heart Rate

Select to turn on heart rate broadcasting to a paired device (Broadcasting Heart Rate).

Contacts symbol


Select to open your Garmin Connect™ contact list on your watch.

Dial pad symbol

Dial Pad

Select to open the phone dial pad (Calling from the Watch).

Nearest airport symbol


Select to search for an airport by its identifier, view the nearest waypoints, or view your favorite airport.

Do not disturb symbol

Do Not Disturb

Select to enable or disable do not disturb mode to dim the screen and disable alerts and notifications. For example, you can use this mode while watching a movie.

Find my phone symbol

Find My Phone

Select to play an audible alert on your paired phone, if it is within Bluetooth® range. The Bluetooth signal strength appears on the D2™ Air X10 watch screen, and it increases as you move closer to your phone.

Lock symbol

Lock Screen

Select to lock the buttons and the touchscreen to prevent inadvertent presses and swipes.

Music symbol

Music Controls

Select to control music playback on your watch or phone.

Phone symbol

Phone Calling

Select to open the phone controls, such as contacts and the dial pad.

Phone connection symbol

Phone Connection

Select to enable or disable Bluetooth technology and your connection to your paired phone.

Power off symbol

Power Off

Select to turn off the watch.

Save location symbol

Save Location

Select to save your current location to navigate back to it later.

Time sync symbol

Set Time with GPS

Select to sync your watch with the time on your phone or using satellites.

Stopwatch symbol


Select to start the stopwatch (Using the Stopwatch).

Sync symbol


Select to sync your watch with your paired phone.

Timers symbol


Select to set a countdown timer (Starting the Countdown Timer).

Microphone symbol

Voice Assistant

Select to connect to voice assistance (Using the Voice Assistant).

Volume symbol


Select to open the watch volume controls.

Wallet symbol


Select to open your Garmin Pay™ wallet and pay for purchases with your watch (Garmin Pay).

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