Customizing the Display Settings

  1. Hold Letter B symbol.
  2. Select Settings symbol > System > Display.
  3. Select Brightness to set the brightness level of the display.
  4. Select an option:
    • Select During Activity for display settings when in an activity.

    • Select Not During Activity for display settings when not in an activity.

  5. Select an option:
    • Select Timeout to set the length of time before the display turns off.

      NOTE: You can use the Always On option to keep the watch face data visible and turn off only the background. This option impacts the battery and display life (About the AMOLED Display).
    • Select Gesture to set the display to turn on when you rotate your wrist toward your body to view the watch. You can also adjust the gesture sensitivity to turn on the display more or less often.

      NOTE: The Gesture and Always On settings are disabled during your sleep window and in do not disturb mode to prevent the display from turning on while you are asleep.
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