Our fleet-ready navigators offer the interactive navigation and messaging terminal that has been missing in your fleet management interface (FMI).

Our portable navigation devices double as mobile data terminals in fleet management vehicles, while the “black box” data transponder unit provides seamless connectivity to the monitoring center via a wireless mobile data network.

Our fleet management and dispatch messaging interface enables direct-to-driver communication via text messaging as well as instant re-routing with “new destination” message prompts.

How does it work?

Our interface tool kit enables fleet management providers the ability to plug their services into our fleet-ready navigators for a complete fleet management solution with navigation and messaging.

Supported devices are installed in each vehicle along with an in-vehicle data transponder, available through a fleet management partner.

Drivers now have “screens” in their vehicles for real-time navigation, messaging and job dispatch capabilities to help them be more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are supported?

See the list of Garmin automotive devices and personal navigation devices that can provide fleet management solutions to your company.

What other receivers will you support in the future?

We currently support all of the models of Garmin GPS receivers for which this type of support is practical, but future designs will be added to the list.

Do you offer tracking modules for use with the supported devices?

We offer the FMI support for compatibility with third-party tracking solutions. It’s possible that we will offer such devices in the future, but our current approach allows us to continue to focus on the design of the types of navigation products that have made us world leaders in GPS navigation technology.

What do you provide in a typical fleet management system?

We provide the navigation technology and the user interface to the system. From a hardware perspective, that means that we provide one of the supported devices listed above. We also provide an interface cable that makes the physical connection to the GPS receiver and offers bare wires for connection to the rest of the tracking system. From a software perspective, we provide the integration of the fleet management features into the user interface. We also provide a simple communications interface which allows third-party developers easy access to the FMI features.

What third-party tracking solutions are currently supported?

See our list of third-party fleet management partners.

Will you develop interfaces to other companies’ tracking solutions?

We plan to offer support for other tracking solutions through the existing FMI. This interface is described in the FMI control specification.

Where can I get a copy of the FMI control specification?

You can download a copy of the most current version of that specification as a part of our Interface Developer Kit.

Will you add new features that are required by my dispatch management system?

Although we cannot promise to add all requested features, we are always willing to consider adding improvements to the existing FMI.

How often are vehicles’ positions updated for the dispatch fleet manager?

This depends on the design of the third-party system. Our FMI can provide a new position once a second, but a typical system allows you to adjust the position report rate from about once every 15 seconds to once every 15 minutes.

What happens if the driver enters an area that is not covered by GPS signals?

This depends on the design of the third-party system. Our GPS receivers will produce position reports only for as long as there is a valid position fix, but typical systems will retain the last known position and report it as the current position for as long as the GPS receiver remains in an area that is not covered by GPS signals. Some systems may also report how old the most current position report is.

How long does it take for a text message sent by a dispatch fleet manager to reach a driver?

This depends on the design of the third-party system, but typical text messaging transit times are less than 1 minute and often take just a few seconds.

How can I contact someone to discuss how your FMI can be used within the context of my dispatch system?

Just contact our dispatch management technical staff.

How do I become a Garmin fleet management partner?

Once you have a working design that is selling well as an off-the-shelf solution, you may apply to be a fleet management partner.