Incident Detection and Notifications


The device allows you to send your location to an emergency contact. This is a supplemental feature and should not be relied upon as a primary method to obtain emergency assistance. The Smartphone Link app does not contact emergency services on your behalf.

Your zūmo® device uses built-in sensors to detect a possible vehicle incident.

  • If you set up an incident contact, the device can send an automated text message to that contact when it detects an incident and your vehicle stops moving. This can help alert the contact to your situation if you are not able to call or send a message. This feature requires a connection to Smartphone Link and an active mobile data connection to send a message.

  • If you have not set up an incident contact, the device automatically displays the nearest address or geographic coordinates when it detects an incident. This feature is helpful if you need to tell emergency personnel your location. You can select More to view the Where Am I? page.

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