Starting LiveTrack Sharing


Use caution when sharing your location information with others.

Before you can start sharing, you must set up the LiveTrack feature (Setting Up LiveTrack Sharing and Inviting Viewers).

You can start sharing your LiveTrack data using your zūmo® device or the Smartphone Link app.

  • On your zūmo device, select Apps > LiveTrack > Start LiveTrack.
  • On your smartphone, open the Smartphone Link app, and select LiveTrack > Start LiveTrack.

A link to view your LiveTrack data is posted to your enabled social network accounts, and an email with the link is sent to your invited contacts. While you are sharing, viewers can click the link to track your current location, recently visited locations, and the path of your recent travels in real time.

Livetrack symbol appears in the zūmo status bar while LiveTrack sharing is active. The number of invited viewers also appears.

TIP: By default, the LiveTrack sharing session ends automatically after 24 hours. In the Smartphone Link app, you can select LiveTrack > Extend LiveTrack to extend the duration of the LiveTrack sharing session, or you can stop sharing at any time.
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