Recording a Timed Activity

You can record a timed activity, which can be saved and sent to your Garmin Connect™ account.

  1. Hold the touchscreen to view the menu.
  2. Select Activity symbol.
  3. Swipe to scroll through the activity list:
    • Select Walking symbol for walking.

    • Select Running symbol for running.

    • Select Cardio activity symbol for a cardio activity.

    • Select Strength training symbol for strength training.

    • Select Activity symbol for other activity types.

  4. Double tap the touchscreen to start the timer.
  5. Start your activity.
  6. Swipe to view additional data screens.
  7. After you complete your activity, double tap the touchscreen to stop the timer.
    TIP: You can double tap the touchscreen to resume the timer.
  8. Swipe to select an option:
    • Select Save symbol to save the activity.

    • Select Delete symbol to delete the activity.

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