User Settings on Your Garmin Connect Account

From your Garmin Connect™ account, select User Settings.

Custom Stride Length

Allows your device to more accurately calculate the distance traveled using your custom stride length. You can enter a known distance and the number of steps it takes to cover the distance, and Garmin Connect can calculate your stride length.

Daily Floors Climbed

Allows you to enter a daily goal for the number of floors to climb.

Daily Steps

Allows you to enter your daily step goal. You can use the Auto Goal setting to allow your device to determine your step goal automatically.

Heart Rate Zones

Allows you to estimate your maximum heart rate and determine custom heart rate zones.

Personal Information

Allows you to enter your personal details, such as birth date, gender, height, and weight.


Allows you to enter your normal sleep hours.

Weekly Intensity Minutes

Allows you to enter a weekly goal for the number of minutes to participate in moderate to vigorous intensity activities.

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