Going for a Track Run

Before you go for a track run, make sure you are running on a standard-shape, 400 m track.

You can use the Track Run activity to record your outdoor track data, including distance in meters and lap splits.

  1. Stand on the outdoor track.
  2. From the watch face, press START.
  3. Select Track Run.
  4. Wait while the device locates satellites.
  5. If you are running in lane 1, skip to step 11.
  6. Hold MENU.
  7. Select the activity settings.
  8. Select Lane Number.
  9. Select a lane number.
  10. Press BACK twice to return to the activity timer.
  11. Press START to start the activity timer.
  12. Run around the track.

    After you run a couple of laps, your device records the track dimensions and calibrates your track distance.

  13. After you complete your run, press STOP to stop the activity timer.
  14. Select Save.
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