Routing Settings

You can change the routing settings to customize the way the watch calculates routes for each activity.

NOTE: Not all settings are available for all activity types.

Hold MENU, select Activities & Apps, select an activity, select the activity settings, and select Routing.


Sets an activity for routing. The watch calculates routes optimized for the type of activity you are doing.

Popularity Routing

Calculates routes based on the most popular runs and rides from Garmin Connect™.


Sets how you navigate courses using the watch. Use the Follow Course option to navigate a course exactly as it appears, without recalculating. Use the Use Map option to navigate a course using routable maps, and recalculate the route if you stray from the course.

Calculation Method

Sets the calculation method to minimize the time, distance, or ascent in routes.


Sets the road or transportation types to avoid in routes.


Sets the behavior of the pointer that appears during direct routing.

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