Garmin Marine Network Considerations


A Garmin® Marine Network PoE Isolation Coupler (010-10580-10) must be used when connecting any third-party device, such as a FLIR® camera, to a Garmin Marine Network. Connecting a Power over Ethernet (PoE) device directly to a Garmin Marine Network chartplotter damages the Garmin chartplotter and may damage the PoE device. Connecting any third-party device directly to a Garmin Marine Network chartplotter will cause abnormal behavior on the Garmin devices, including the devices not properly turning off or the software becoming inoperable.

This device can connect to additional Garmin Marine Network devices to share data such as radar, sonar, and detailed mapping. When connecting Garmin Marine Network devices to this device, observe these considerations.

  • All devices connected to the Garmin Marine Network must be connected to the same ground. If multiple power sources are used for Garmin Marine Network devices, you must tie all ground connections from all power supplies together using a low resistance connection or tie them to a common ground bus bar, if available.

  • A Garmin Marine Network cable must be used for all Garmin Marine Network connections.
    • Third-party CAT5 cable and RJ45 connectors must not be used for Garmin Marine Network connections.

    • Additional Garmin Marine Network cables and connectors are available from your Garmin dealer.

  • The NETWORK ports on the device each act as a network switch. Any compatible device can be connected to any NETWORK port to share data with all devices on the boat connected by a Garmin Marine Network cable.

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