NMEA 0183 Connection Considerations

  • The chartplotter provides one Tx (transmit) port and one Rx (receive) port.

  • Each port has 2 wires, labeled A and B according to the NMEA® 0183 convention. The corresponding A and B wires of each internal port should be connected to the A (+) and B (-) wires of the NMEA 0183 device.

  • You can connect one NMEA 0183 device to the Rx port to input data to this chartplotter, and you can connect up to three NMEA 0183 devices in parallel to the Tx port to receive data output by this chartplotter.

  • See the NMEA 0183 device installation instructions to identify the transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) wires.

  • You must use 28 AWG, shielded, twisted-pair wiring for extended runs of wire. Solder all connections and seal them with heat-shrink tubing.

  • Do not connect the NMEA 0183 data wires from this device to power ground.

  • The power cable from the chartplotter and the NMEA 0183 devices must be connected to a common power ground.

  • The internal NMEA 0183 ports and communication protocols are configured on the chartplotter. See the NMEA 0183 section of the chartplotter owner's manual for more information.

  • See the chartplotter owner's manual for a list of the approved NMEA 0183 sentences that the chartplotter supports.

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