System Settings

Hold UP, and select Menu symbol > System.


Sets the language displayed on the device.


Adjusts the time settings (Time Settings).


Adjusts the backlight settings (Changing the Backlight Settings).


Sets the device sounds, such as key tones, alerts, and vibrations (Setting the Device Sounds).

Do Not Disturb

Turns on or off do not disturb mode. You can use the Sleep Time option to turn on do not disturb mode automatically during your normal sleep hours. You can set your normal sleep hours on your Garmin Connect™ account (Using Do Not Disturb Mode).


Sets the units of measure used on the device (Changing the Units of Measure).


Sets the device to display Pace/Speed Preference for running, cycling, or other activities. This preference affects several training options, history, and alerts (Displaying Pace or Speed) You can also change the Start of Week setting.

Software Update

Allows you to install software updates downloaded using Garmin Express™ or the Garmin Connect app (Updating the Software Using the Garmin Connect App).


Allows you to reset user data and settings (Resetting All Default Settings).

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