Creating an Interval Workout

Interval workouts are available for running, biking, or cardio activity profiles.

  1. Select Runner symbol, and select an activity profile.
  2. Select Options.
    NOTE: If you are using a running profile, the interval workout is a run mode.
  3. Select Intervals > Edit > Interval.
  4. Select Distance, Time, or Open.
    TIP: You can create an open-ended interval by setting the type to Open. When you select Lap symbol, the device records the interval and moves to the next interval.
  5. If necessary, enter a distance or time interval value.
  6. Select Rest.
  7. Select Distance, Time, or Open.
  8. If necessary, enter a distance or time value for the rest interval.
  9. Select one or more options:
    • To set the number of repetitions, select Repeat.

    • To add an open-ended warm up to your workout, select Warm Up > Turn On.

    • To add an open-ended cool down to your workout, select Cool Down > Turn On.

Each time you complete an interval, a message appears. The device also beeps or vibrates if audible tones are turned on (Setting the Device Sounds).

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