Data fields

Some data fields require ANT‍+® accessories to display data (Edge® 25 device only).

Avg. Speed

The average speed for the current activity.


Your heart rate in beats per minute (bpm). Your device must be connected to a compatible heart rate monitor.


Cycling. The number of revolutions of the crank arm. Your device must be connected to a cadence accessory for this data to appear.


The amount of total calories burned.


The distance traveled for the current track or activity.


The altitude of your current location above or below sea level.

HR Zone

The current range of your heart rate (1 to 5). The default zones are based on your user profile and maximum heart rate (220 minus your age).


The current rate of travel.


The stopwatch time for the current activity.

Total Ascent

The total elevation distance ascended since the last reset.

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