Advanced Sonar Settings

NOTE: Not all options and settings apply to all models, sounder modules, and transducers.

From a sonar view, select MENU > Sonar Setup > Advanced.


Adjusts the sensitivity to reduce the effects of interference from nearby sources of noise.

The lowest interference setting that achieves the desired improvement should be used to remove interference from the screen. Correcting installation issues that cause noise is the best way to eliminate interference.

Surface Noise

Hides surface noise to help reduce clutter. Wider beam widths (lower frequencies) can show more targets, but can generate more surface noise.

Color Gain

See Adjusting the Level of Detail.


Adjusts the appearance of returns to compensate for weakened sonar signals in deeper water, and reduces the appearance of noise near the surface. When the value of this setting is increased, the colors associated with low-level noise and fish targets appear more consistent through various water depths. This setting also reduces the noise near the surface of the water.

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